The Unfiltered Blend That Creates Hazy Perfection

A Flavorful, Hazy Unfiltered Pilsner Imported from Germany’s Leading Beer Group, now available in the US.

Radeberger Zwickelbier is an unfiltered pilsner beer made with the same ingredients and in the same method of Radeberger Pilsner, in accordance with the Reinheitsgbot – the German Purity Law dating back to 1516.  It states that beer can only be made using four core ingredients – water, barley, hops and yeast.  Despite these ingredient limitations, Germany is known for its exceptional beers and innovative taste profiles from over 1,300 breweries throughout the country.

German pilsner was invented in Radeberg, Germany in 1872 and was quickly adopted for its clean appearance and crisp and refreshing taste profile.  Radeberger Pilsner soon became the choice of Kings, chancellors and heads of state as an upscale, refined beer experience and known as the gold standard for pilsner beers for its quality, tradition and commitment to brewing German pilsner.  To this day, Radeberger only brews pilsner beer.

In keeping with this spirit, Radeberger Zwickelbier is a sessionable ‘young’ beer that is easy to drink, deliciously juicy (thanks to its choice hops) and perfectly balanced offering an intense flavor experience.   Previously, it was only available at the brewery’s headquarters in Radeberg, Germany and on special occasions when brew master Udo Schiedermair would visit the United States.  Now packaged and imported in 16.9oz cans (500ml), Radeberger Zwickelbier will be nationally distributed exclusively in the United States, available for all to enjoy through summer 2021.

“This is an exciting innovation for our flagship brand and is perfectly attuned with today’s consumer who is searching for a beer that’s full of flavor and easy to drink,” said David Deuser, CEO of Sales & Marketing, Radeberger Gruppe USA.  “When Udo tapped this beer at the end of his US tours, it was always something very special for key accounts and consumers alike.  We’re thrilled to now offer Radeberger Zwickelbier to a national audience for more people to enjoy a true taste of German beer culture.”